Saturday, November 25, 2006

Crave The Post???

I frequent the Post Bar (Novi) because of the greenhouse-type area. It's spacious, there's real air to breathe, and there's plenty of seating. But I usually stay away from the other side of the bar where all the sloppy girls get dirty. It this very mentality of mine that usually keeps me away from the other Post Bars. But last night after a few good drinks at Crave (Dearborn), we rushed over to the Post Bar (Dearborn) and grabbed a table. Nothing special in this report... but there are a few things worth pointing out.

Crave is dead on a Friday night. It's a good place to go with a date, or a handful of friends. But don't go with a wingman and have dinner for two. It is a good place for girls to go in small groups and gossip, because you won't have guys goggling over you. But I was surprised to see the bathroom a mess when there was only a dinner crowd. Hopefully they cleaned up for their later guests.

It was also a bit depressing to find their cappuccino machine broken. I love my espresso and settling for coffee with Bailey's never quite hits the mark. Nonetheless, Crave is a good Friday night appetizer.

The Post Bar (Dearborn) also stayed fairly calm for Friday night- probably due to the fairly high concentration of middle-aged men with flat tops, khakis and a Ford badge. Come on girls and boys. It's a Friday night. Get out here and represent. I may not care for sloppy girls and ghetto guys, but at least they bring energy to the dance floor.

Friday nights in Dearborn on Thanksgiving weekend need some help. Crave is a restaurant, so I really can't complain on that end, but the Post Bar (Dearborn) is just sitting there with an empty dance floor and a few 30-somethings. So stop eating leftovers for dinner, and save them for your 3am fix after the bar. Just imagine how much better it will all taste?