Sunday, November 05, 2006

Guys and Dolls

Being male, I can only write as a male patron. That being said, I would at least like to briefly describe my understanding of "the way things work" at a bar.

In my opinion, women have complete control over the situation and the conversation. Regardless of the circumstances at hand, it is the woman who gives the man a chance, continues or changes the topic of discussion, drops hints, or simply shoots him down. It is the responsibility of every man to react to her decisions, and do so in a way that will not entice her to push the eject button. This is not to say that he must excite and amaze her. I'm simply saying that it is his job to do whatever it takes (including being demeaning, arrogant, or preoccupied) to not just keep himself afloat, but to be her lifesaver. Every woman is different, and every woman reacts differently to different stimulation. For some, confidence is a plus. For others, it's cute when a shy guy puts everything on the line. It all depends on the woman's personality, and her mood at the time.

I don't believe that a man is really able to go out, pick any girl, and bring her home that night. But I do believe a man can single out the women who are candidates. Women, on the other hand, can do anything they want, to any man, any time.

If in these reviews you find that I'm making comments which seem to objectify women, or discuss the chances of men "taking a girl home," please remember to review this entry. I find that many of the most enjoyable nights I've had all involve talking and dancing with women whom I was just as close to in the beginning of the night, as I was at the end.