Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In The VIP

I'm so tired of seeing prices for VIP reservations+bottle service. Since when is VIP open to anyone with a couple hundred bucks? Hell, if the point is to make the area high class, the prices should be even higher. Spending a few hundred dollars on any given night isn't *that* expensive when you think about it. Sure it's a bit extravagant, but it's not going to put you in the poor house. The other option of course is to have a real VIP area, and a separate "Chumps Area" for people who want to reserve more than just a public (*gasp*) table.

I was at Bleu (Detroit) a long time ago to check out Max Graham. The VIP area was filled with people from the Detroit Club Scene forum. There were so many people upstairs that the main floor was a wasteland. This isn't acceptable. There is no reason for anyone to be up there, except for the DJs, the promoter, and a few sexy girls.

I understand the desire for promoters to make money. But by killing the fascination that should be associated with the VIP area, they are raising their guests' ego to a level beyond their means. If you go out enough, you're bound to get into clicks. You're bound to meet DJ's and promoters, get invites and free drinks, and eventually get free reign of any club. But what's the point? Does hanging out backstage make you special? No. VIP isn't there to boost your self confidence. It's there to show respect to influential individuals who deserve, and have rightfully earned, privacy and luxury.

It used to be that walking into a VIP area was an extension of one's celebrity. Unfortunately, the mindset of those outside the velvet rope has changed from awe to insult. No one cares if you're in the VIP section anymore. They know you bought into it. They could have bought into it too, but didn't. Once you acknowledge their passive decision, you'll be all the better for it.

Bring back the real VIP area, and move the second-rate, worn out couches somewhere else.