Saturday, November 04, 2006


There isn't a club in the metro Detroit area that is perfect. There are many that are good, but none that are great. Those that fall into the "good" category are frequented by the same patrons week after week. Through this blog I will do what I feel is my duty, and attempt to sway public opinion of all bars and clubs in the area. There is no reason for sub-par nightlife in Detroit; and that is exactly what we have, despite what typical club-goers and promoters may say. I'll start things off with a brief list of some things that are wrong with Detroit nightlife.

- Smoking
- Dress Codes
- Televisions
- Cover
- Cleanliness
- VIP access

If a mission statement is in order, let this be it:

"We don't like to hang out in Detroit anymore. Bars and clubs have become all too disappointing. Dress codes have been put in place to limit who stays out, not who gets in. Drinks are watered down. Bartenders looks like frat boys. The majority of patrons are each in their own click. And VIP stands for "I'm friends with the DJ," as opposed to "Very Important Person."

"We feel that the 21-35 crowd is being cheated. They are being shown mediocrity under the guise of class. Had the various local entertainment publications taken action and put forth honest opinions, we would not be taking up your time right now."

"This website is our attempt at making Metro-Detroit nightlife better. We provide constructive criticism to all the venues we visit on a regular basis. Our hope is that as EXCLUSIVE DETROIT earns your respect, venue owners and promoters will look to us for advice, and thus do a better job of providing high-class entertainment- all night, every night."