Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just In Time

After catching the red-eye back Monday and making it through a full day of work, I thought that this week held some promise. But then I got a few emails announcing some upcoming festivities. We've got two lame-ass promotional flyers on the floor today-- Turkeylicious, and Miss Bangin' 2006. No, I didn't just list the names of a restaurant menu item and the newest porn dvd. But let's break this down and hope I still have enough energy to recount the LA events this past weekend.

Turkeylicious- The Good...
I'm going to start out with the only two good things about this event. One- It's a Ray Rizzle event. I met Ray way back when Sevin (Pontiac) first opened and he's always been cool. He knows what he's doing. Unlike most of the other "promoters" out there, he actually is pushing his name the right way, instead of throwing birthday parties for his friends. (Okay, maybe he's doing that too, but at least I've never seen his name attached the event credits). Number Two reason why the event has promise is that they pulled a DJ from LA. It's not that the DJ is from LA that is important here, but rather it's the fact that the main dose of music is being prescribed by someone who doesn't give us our fix every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

...the Ugly
Unfortunately, we've got the "Top 8 Hosts" attached to this event. WHAT THE FUCK is up with that?! Tell me I did not just read that. Tell me that even if I did, that it is not a reference to the Top 8 on myspace. Please. Please. PLEASE. Tell me it ain't so. To make matters worse, it looks like half of the pictures of the hosts were taken with a camera phone. High class? Oh yea. (You caught the sarcasm, right? Because pretty soon I'm gonna be leaving out the obvious references to it). I almost want to ask for an explanation, but already I know the answer won't be any good. What possible use is there for these hosts, other than bringing all their friends. Basically, this flyer blatantly says "Come hang out with our friends. Because those are the only people who are going to be here." UPDATE: The event is Nov. 25 at the Elysium Lounge (Downtown Detroit)

Miss Bangin' 2006
Apparently, this is where we'll crown Michigan's most beautiful woman. No offense to the person who came up with the name of the event, but if you're looking for the most "beautiful" woman, you don't use the word "Bangin'" in the event. Beauty is an adjective that also implies some sense of class, whereas Bangin' (with the apostrophe) implies the girl knows how to fuck (or at least looks like she does). To make matters worse, the flyer has a giant photo of five women who look as though someone is groping them unexpectedly, and their dresses look like they came off the rack at walmart. Nothing about this event look good. Sorry. Stay away from Fifth Avenue (Downtown Detroit).

I haven't been to LA since I was 18, so this was my first time to actually hold my nose and jump in. The weather was great, especially considering Toronto was f*cking cold the previous weekend. Between the pool party @ The Standard, the hotel party @ Le Meridian, and the Xenii after party, I have absolutely no complaints. Everyone had Effen vodka. No one smoked indoors. The music was always in line with the atmosphere. And despite any preconceived notions I may have had, everyone was super polite and sociable. This summer really opened my eyes to New York and LA, and I can now comfortably and safely say that Detroit has much to learn.

XD is starting to feel a social obligation to the D.