Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Layer > Effects > Outer Glow

Select Detroit, 6 Degrees, PictureThis!, after5, The Creep, the Deuce Deuce boys, Bella Blue, Tommy Kash, etc etc... The list is growing exponentially, and without any form of pruning. Today I saw a flyer advertising the appearance of one of the Gotti boys at a club in Pontiac. I'm refraining from dishing out the details of the event so as to limit the number of guests, and raise my chances of meeting him! *sarcasm* But seriously, why are venue owners extending invitations to promoters who create such tasteless events? It used to be that every once in a while a limousine service would sponsor an event. That was bad enough. Now we're offering up advertising spots to anyone and everyone who can type their name photoshop, add a glow to it, and call it a logo.

Exclusive Detroit has no desire to get into the sponsorship game. While it would make us feel cool to see flyers on the street with our logo pasted on the shoulders of a local "model," we just don't feel it necessary. Of course, should Kate Moss or Gemma Ward ever grace a Detroit flyer, we'll be more than happy to stamp ourselves on the back. If XD is ever to be involved in an event, it will be exclusively. There will be no other advertisers or promoters, and we'll simply publish a date+venue. This isn't to say we have things in the works. It's just an idea.

There is a place for Detroit Club Scene, DanceClubCam and the like. We just don't think that place is in the spotlight. Venue owners should take command of their venue and look beyond the numbers. They should get involved and set an example for all promoters to live up to. A standard has not yet been set in Detroit, and until that time, there is no one to say when someone stooped too low.

Exclusive Detroit hopes someone important is listening.