Monday, November 06, 2006

Mixx Lounge

Mixx Lounge is located in the Main Street area in Novi. It's run by the same guys from Deluxe Lounge (Detroit), but has (in my opinion) a better vibe because of the people it draws. Before I go any further, I better throw out the disclaimer that I do know a handful of the people from Mixx and Deluxe. I like to think that my preference for the place has nothing to do with it, but who knows. Here's the rundown...

Back to Basics
Mixx is best described as a hip, laid back kind of bar and you won't look out of place if you dress up or down. There's plenty of seating, and even at its most crowded, you can still breathe if you're left standing with friends. They've also got a great selection of everything, though the music varies from night to night. Early in the night, the back of the bar has a lounge area with couches and tables+chairs. But as the night goes on, everything gets pushed to the walls, making room for a dance floor.

Unfortunately, there are a handful of things that make it less than the perfect bar. First off, it has televisions. You'll be seeing this criticism time and time again on XD. I think televisions should be removed from any bar that is not willing to call itself a "sports bar." Bars should be a sociable place, and while televisions might spark one comment here or there, they can't carry a conversation. The little electronic game machine on the end of the bar isn't too attractive either, and probably repels more people than it attracts. Not only does it leave you no room to put your drink, but it blocks your view of the girl that would otherwise wink at you if she didn't think you were actually playing the damn thing. Luckily, the arcade smash-hit "Golden Tee" is off to the side.... The last major gripe I have with Mixx is their parking. It seems that a valet company took it upon themselves to confiscate all nearby spots. I have no idea if this is kosher, but it sure as hell seems like a scam. If you're looking for an alternate avenue, you can try and park in the lot BEHIND Mixx (near Mongolian BBQ), and walk through to the other side of the office building.

UPDATE: We haven't seen the valet company hording the spots as of late.

Effen Great
The best thing about Mixx is the overall atmosphere. I can't stress that enough. It's just a very comfortable place to be. All the bartenders are fast, courteous and conscious of who's been waiting. Sometimes the wait staff can be a bit slow at the booths and tables, but they're all polite and open to quick small talk and one-liners. Even the bouncers move people in as they roll up, making lines non-existent. When it comes to liquor, Mixx does it well. They're one of the few places I've found that serves Effen Vodka and Black Cherry Effen Vodka (both are highly recommended), and they have a good selection of martinis and Vitamin Water mixed drinks. The bar is also extremely clean compared to the nearby 5th Avenue (Novi), and unlike The Post Bar (Novi), the paper towel in the bathroom is always stocked.

Dance Dance Revolution
As mentioned earlier, the back of the bar turns into more of a dance floor as the night goes on. I'm not sure if there is a set schedule for the type of music played each night, but my ears have heard everything from White Snake to Bad Boy Bill. The DJ is in the corner, but I *think* that the setup amounts to a table with a mixing board and a laptop. I did hear some Hed Kandi on the speakers one night, but the following week when i returned it was all 80s hits. Your guess is as good as mine.

It's hard to go to Mixx Lounge and not have a good time. Don't expect a wild, crazy night (unless you drink more than is socially acceptable), but do expect an exciting mix of mature, young professionals. Guy to girl ratio can get kind of high, though more often than not it's at a decent level. There's a good mix of people and packages of 2 or 3 seems to be the norm. If Novi is the chosen destination, and you're looking for something hip and mature, Mixx is a very fine place to be.