Sunday, December 24, 2006

Buzz Bar and the Un-Holiday Party

Last night was the return of various holiday parties in Metro Detroit. Our plan for the evening involved a stop at Buzz Bar (Downtown), followed by whatever entertainment came with the $20 cover charge over at Confidential (Downtown) and Plan B (Downtown). But plans don't always work out. We never left the the Buzz Bar.

For some reason I never feel like attending holiday parties. Even New Year's Eve events are somewhat of a turn off. My reason for this is that usually, but not always, there is nothing special about the event itself. Yes, it may be the day before Christmas Eve. And yes, everyone will be in a holiday spirit. But why should I have to pay a club anything more than normal cover when it is the patrons that are bringing something special. If you and I stroll in with smiles on our faces and are filled with holiday cheer, you and I should be getting some of that cover charge- not the promoters who chose to rape the Christmas spirit. But enough of that. This review is about Buzz Bar. It's about going out, having fun with lots of friends in a great atmosphere, and listening to Prince songs instead of the same old iTunes playlist assembled by your flavor of the month DJ.

Buzz Bar is on Larned, just east of Beaubien. You can see the name sprayed on the side of the building. I felt like I was back in New York the moment I stepped in the door. It's nicely lit and the ample seating is done in a manner that doesnt crowd the space. There are also two bars inside- one for coffee+food; one for alcoholic indulgence. A small cover will get you in upstairs and is for bands/DJs- but we can't comment on that since we stayed below. Everyone there had their own style, and yet no one was shy about inviting a stranger into their conversation. Let's break these details down a bit further.

The mood screams out with an upscale, urban attitude. The dark reds and oranges of the walls helped give off a very warm feel to a very cold night- which leads me to think that coming here to indulge in coffee on a dark, rainy evening may have some promise. After all, we don't always need to get buzzed (no pun intended) or trashed. But if alcohol is your thing, the back wall behind the bartender is covered in tastefully done colored chalk, listing drink specials as well as the scheduled upstairs entertainment.

The bartenders and waitresses seemed spot-on. Even though the Buzz Bar was far from capacity, it was nice to be able to order follow up drinks with a simple glance and a nod. Their liquor selection seemed fairly good, there were a few people who enjoyed their wine, and the beer drinkers were glad to know Motor City Brewery's Ghettoblaster was available on tap. Not sure how much the pints or wine were, but bacardi+coke ran $6, and black cherry effen+coke ran $8.

Around the time people probably started to dance at Plan B (ie. midnight), the tables at Buzz Bar managed to get pushed back a little so that we could have our own little dance party. The guy performing upstairs thought he was Prince, so we were treated to a handful of songs we wouldn't otherwise be dancing to at a club. I somewhat doubt this is typical behavior at Buzz Bar, but who knows.

The dancing lasted pretty much til the end of the night. And considering the good company of a handful of friends, I doubt Plan B and Confidential would have offered anything of value. The things is, when you go to a place with 12-15 people strong, it's pretty hard NOT to have a good time. With that being the case, one has to ask why we should bother going to typical bars and clubs? We still plan on making it out to Plan B and Confidential, but a second trip to the Buzz Bar is definitely in order- and sampling the pizza and the upstairs entertainment are our top priorities.