Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dirty Martini Mishap in Novi

We stopped in for last call around midnight at the Dirty Martini (Novi) and were presented with what may just be the worst service we've had in a long while. We'll hold off on a in-depth review so that we can focus on this one minor incident which we hope was a remote case of an inexperienced bartender. We'll make this short so you can get on with your day...

My friend and I sit down, order up a Dirty Martini and Captain+Coke, and continue on with our conversation. After the bartender pours the drinks, I see her rummage around a bit before bringing them over. As she approached, I thought I knew the words that were about to come out of her mouth. I was wrong. Here's a rough transcript of the exchange:

Bartender: Sorry, we don't have any olives or limes for your drinks. We're out.

[Bartender sets down the drinks and starts to turn away]

ME: Haha. So I get half off my drink right?

[Bartender turns back]

Bartender: I wish that was the case.

[Bartender walks away]

W T F .

It's one thing to not serve up a lime with rum or vodka, but you can't leave out the olives in a martini. Furthermore, it's pretty audacious of the bartender to just assume I'm going to take the drink.

What makes this whole situation even worse is that it was last call, and my friend and I each ordered a single drink. We didn't come in with 40 people. We didn't order up a handful of shots and beers. We ordered two measly drinks. Proper bartender etiquette for this scenario is to say "We're all out of olives, but I already made the drink. Do you still want it?" However, considering the situation, the generous thing to do would have been to put the martini on the house.

I was told they would have more olives tomorrow. Translation: "We put them away in the back room and even though we're closing early, I'm too lazy to go back and get them. But the guys who open the bar tomorrow will bring them out."