Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Metro Times. Real Detroit. 6Degrees. Ambassador. Clear. Am I missing any? Oh, what about Lyceum? It's a publication straight out of U of M Dearborn's campus. Don't laugh! I'm sure half of it is just as good as anything else out there. It's true. There isn't one thing special about the magazines or entertainment weeklies being published locally. From the horrible local advertisements, to the countless pictures of scenesters, to the latest trends that were last year in New York, you have to wonder just how much time is spent working on each issue.

We don't wish for any of these magazines to go away... well, not all of them at least. We simply ask that they gain a little perspective and stop trying to be more than they are. Clear Magazine, for all its national success, still can't hold its own to Wallpaper or Flaunt. Metro Times and Real Detroit will always be bottom-barrel reading material. 6Degrees is just another socialite magazine catering to the almost-classy. And Ambassador- well, that I just don't understand. Emin and Ivana are replicating what they did with Clear, but this time without any intention of going national, all the while taking hints from the Archer and Illich families. Come on. It appears as though instead of researching anything, they simply pull from board members who are in need of press and mix it with whatever was in the latest issues of FHM, Vogue and the Robb Report.

Hour Magazine may be the only exception to all of our criticism. It's like Ambassador, but without the arrogance. It speaks to the wealthy, but also whispers to the middle and lower-classes. If we had to pick one thing that makes Hour stand out amongst all other newsies, it would have to be that it encourages people to participate in being a Detroiter, rather than touting the greatness of the city. The fact is, Detroit isn't perfect. It never will be and that's part of its charm. So please stop showing everyone what they missed and where they should go because "it's popular," and start inviting the community to explore its own backyard.

There is definitely a demand in Detroit for the monthlies and weeklies. But demand does not imply quality, and that's the point we're trying to get across. Everything out there has room for improvement, some more than others. While we don't expect (or really even want) Metro Times or Real Detroit to change, we do think Ambassador is way too cheesy, and 6Degrees is just a glorified coupon book.