Friday, January 19, 2007

Thursday Night Delight

It is possible to go out on the town, not get totally wasted, come home at a decent hour, and still manage to have a good time. We did it on Thursday, and we'll do it again. Starting the night off at Mosaic (Downtown), and switching over to Buzz Bar (Downtown) offered a bit of variety that we think many people overlook. We had our fair share of problems in the night, but we weren't going to let that stop us from enjoying the last remaining hours in the day.

Mosaic is a restaurant/bar in the heart of Greektown. While it's primarily a restaurant, there is a bar which seats a more than a handful of guests. What started off as a party of 2, shortly thereafter became a party of 3, and later a party of 5. And so despite more than enough people sitting around the bar, we were surprised to find seating that accomodated our growing demand. The nice thing about going to Mosaic for drinks is that you always have the option of taking advantage of the restaurant's menu. We're not recommending that you sit at the bar and have dinner; do that at a table. But if you find yourself drinking a bit too much or feel the need for something with chocolate, ask for a menu and keep your eyes on the appetizer and dessert sections.

For those that don't venture out into Detroit that often, we recommend you put Mosaic near the top of your list. Why? Because while it isn't anything special, it will demonstrate that Detroit does not fit the stereotypical image you've been holding onto for all these years. People will be dressed up. Conversations will be lively. And all ages and ethnicities will be represented. You'll walk in and realize that Detroit does indeed have a pulse. You may be upset with the fairly high food+drink prices, but you'll most definitely be carrying a smile on your way out the door.

The next stop was Buzz Bar, which turned out to be quite a bit different experience than our previous visit. This time around the DJ's music in the main bar was way too loud. We still managed to find seating pretty much immediately, and also had a waitress who was fast to assist us. The crowd was a typical Detroit mix, with no one particular group acting as majority. As we said before, it's very much like bars found on the lower east side of New York. Everything about it screams cool, except for the fact American Express and Discover are not welcome. In the end, we only stayed for a drink. But that was plenty. Remember, it's okay to be mature.

Not many people make it a point to go out very far on Thursday nights. They go to places that are safe bets and/or close by. We recommend you take it upon yourself to try a Thursday night in downtown Detroit. Go out of your way. Jump around between bars and just enjoy the social aspect of things. This nice thing about Mosaic and other places in or near Greektown, is that you can park in the Greektown Casino parking structure for free- just make sure that when you walk into the casino to validate your parking, you do so in a discrete manner.