Saturday, February 24, 2007

Far From Eden

It takes a lot to really piss us off, but Eden Nightclub in Ferndale knew *just* the right formula. We were having a great time over a few quick drinks at O'Tooles (Royal Oak) and the Bosco (Ferndale) prior to the catastrophe. We never saw this coming.

Walking up to Eden, the bouncer sized me up and stared at my jeans. Apparently, Eden Nightclub is using the same ass-backwards dress code Posh used. Back then, they wouldn't let me in wearing an FCUK shirt. This time, they didn't want to let me in because my Guess jeans had holes. As he started to say "Do you have any other pants?" I interrupted and said we were both with Exclusive Detroit. He mumbled something to the other bouncer and promptly let us in... This really pissed us off. We don't go out to clubs and front stickers+business cards and ask for first class service because it goes against the point of this website. If we're treated differently than the average patron, then our reviews can no longer be accurate. So while I'm glad the bouncer let us both in, Eden Nightclub earned double negative points for their way of handling the situation. If you go to Eden, and don't have a blogger account setup to review bars/clubs, don't plan on getting in wearing anything hip. It's best to stick with imitation Polo shirts from Walmart or Target (at least, that's what the kids were wearing who walked in just after us).

When we got past the velvet rope, we found out Eden has a $10 cover, contrary to what we saw in their write up in the Detroit News. Mind you, it's only 1030p and the club has barely anyone inside. I'm tired of venues charging cover when they're empty. Instead of charging for an empty club, why not take all your friends off the guest list, make them pay when they arrive later than usual, and let people who get there early start to fill up their glasses with liquor instead of emptying their wallets at the door. Reluctantly, I threw down a $20 for Wilhelm and I, and asked for a receipt. No dice. The response I got from a guy texting his friends was "I'm sorry, sir. My machine isn't working." WTF? You're running a club. People can purchase drinks. You accept credit cards. You have cash registers. Don't f*cking tell me you can't give me a receipt for a $20 cover that shouldnt even be in place this early!

We walked out.

In line we passed guys and girls dressed like they just got out of their Friday night class at Oakland University. We also heard a manager of sorts say something to the bouncer along the lines of "If any more 18yr old girls show up, let em in, and then let me know." I'm not sure what to make of this.. maybe Eden isn't 21+???

Bottom line: Stay away from Eden Nightclub in Ferndale. It's a joke. Don't waste your time trying to go "clubbing" in Ferndale. Go downtown, or stay at home. You'll have a better time.