Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Time Catch Up

The last twelve months have brought the Metro Detroit area many new nightlife spots. As each new venue opened, an enormous amount of marketing was forced down our throats, and countless "special events" occurred. But not every night can be a special night. It's time Plan B (Downtown Detroit) stopped bringing in DJ AM every time they need to increase their cash flow. It's time promoters stopped using pictures of J-Lo to promote their Salsa lessons or Cinco de Mayo parties.

We recently made the rounds to Plan B, Confidential, Buzz Bar and Delux- all located in downtown Detroit. Buzz Bar and Delux, aside from being filled by non-hispanic twenty/thirty-somethings who pretended to know what Cinco de Mayo is even about, were both pretty much the same as always. You can dig deep and find our past reviews of both venues; neither has changed much. The Buzz Bar is still a great place, with a diverse crowd and Delux still plays the same music your mom dances too, but mixed with a little Justin Timberlake.

The real story here is all about Plan B and Confidential. We'll save the worst for last and start with Volume, er Plan B. If you're one of the usual club goers that attends these kinds of bars, it's time you stop pretending that Plan B is anything new. Accept the fact that Plan B is the EXACT SAME CLUB formerly known as Volume, formerly known as Panacea. The only difference here is the name on the door.

You'll need either VIP or bottle service if you want to move up to the second floor. Considering the venue was pretty much dead @ 11p, it's hard to see why anyone would even care to be upstairs. Admit it. Clubs are only fun when they're busy. And if you and your cookie-cutter cadillac friends sit upstairs behind the DJ all night, pretending you're following everything he is doing, you're missing out the club experience. Then again... maybe you're the reason the club was empty? [I'm only speaking of certain demographics here]

Once upon a time there was a really perfect bar called Congress. It was one of those places that allowed for great conversation in a great atmosphere, and demonstrated all the potential that lay dormant in the city. Unfortunately, someone was dumb enough to rip it apart, turn it back into a dirty basement, and Ghettofy it with booty-shaking hip-hop. Anything and everything that was perfect about this bar was stripped out. Anything and everything that was clean about this bar was stripped out. And to top it all off, they installed a bathroom attendant. The only tables are now the booths that were built into the walls, only now you have to buy a bottle if you wish to sit in them. Who wants to sit and listen to Lil' John over a bottle?

I'll tell you what I want. I want everything back the way it was. I want the chill music, the nice decor, and the friendly people.

The worst part of this whole mess is that now you can easily move between Plan B and Confidential. They're no longer separate venues. *shame*

The second to worst part is that typical cover is $20 for guys and $10 for girls.

Just remember that if all the good bars and clubs are filled to capacity or out of reach, you'll always have a Plan B. Or if you really are looking for an unfinished basement and a dirty club with no theme, you'll be in heaven.